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If memory problems are seriously affecting your daily life, they could be early signs of new new alzheimer’s treatment disease. While the number of symptoms you have and how strong they are vary, it’s important to identify the early signs. You need to ask yourself some tough questions.

1. Memory loss through new alzheimer’s treatment

This is the most common symptom. Do you easily forget information you just learned? Are you lose track of important dates, names, and events? Do you forget big things even happened?

2. Trouble planning and problem solving

Do you have trouble making plans and sticking to them? Is it tricky to follow a recipe, even one you’ve used many times? Is it hard to concentrate on detailed tasks, especially if they involve numbers? For example, can you keep track of your bills and balance your checkbook?

3. Daily tasks are a challenge

Even familiar things can become hard. Do you have trouble driving to a location you go to often? Can you complete an ordinary task at work? Do you forget the rules of your favorite game?

4. Times and places are confusing

Can you fully grasp something that’s not happening right now? Are you disoriented? Do you get lost easily? Do you forget where you are?

5. Changes in vision

Is it harder to read the words on the page? Do you have trouble judging distance? Can you tell colors apart? This is important because it can affect your driving.

6. Words and conversations are frustrating

Vocabulary becomes hard. Can you find the right word you’re looking for? Or do you call things by the wrong name?

Conversations can be a struggle. Do you avoid joining in? Are you able to follow along? Are you suddenly stop in the middle of a discussion because you don’t know what to say? Do you keep repeating yourself?

7. You lose things

Everyone misplaces things from time to time, but can you retrace your steps to find them again? Do you put things in unusual places, like your watch in the refrigerator?



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