Amino Max


About the drug:Dietary supplements are products that help you overcome each phase of the physical transformation that involves replacing the fat with muscle. The musculature program requires medical care and an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals not suffer from excessive fatigue and eventually give up. Your body requires vitamins to fill the gap and support physical effort. The food supplement Amino Max helps the body overcome fatigue, facilitates the daytime and nighttime muscle recovery, increases resistance to stress and improves circulation.Uses of the drug:
Improves blood circulation process
Promotes better muscle tone
Help the body recover after strenuous exercise
Increases physical and moral resistance
Food supplement rich in protein and spirulina
Dosage of the drug:
Recommendations: Amino Max can be used every day, including those without sport but must be taken differently in this case.
Consult your physician for the dosage.
Side effects:Amino max will react with:traces of milk protein, soy and eggs, gluten, peanuts or shellfish

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